MAC: the Old and the New

MAC: the Old and the New

When it comes to the brand 'MAC', the first person that comes to mind is my sister. She loves this brand to the moon and back! I, on the other hand, I sit right in the middle. I don’t hate it nor love it, but if you’re going to ask me what's my first purchase, that would be brushes.


Why buy MAC brushes?

Because this brand acts as a middle ground for makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts and those who wanted to try high-end brushes. Also, if their brushes are out of your budget, those who look for dupes reference it back to MAC.


I currently have two brushes from them: MAC 217 and MAC 239. Both are used for eye makeup and this is a good starting point for a beginner. 

The famous MAC 217 blending brush

It’s a cult favorite in the beauty community and this was the first brush that I’ve purchased years back. As you can see, the numbering has worn off but it still does the job. The bristles are made of white goat hair (not so white now) that are arranged in an oval shape. It is dense and flexible enough when used on the eyes when blending. The size is just right that it fits the socket of the eyes of many and it can be used for either powder or cream eyeshadows.

MAC 239, eye shader brush

I’ve mentioned the old so here’s the new or should I say a recent purchase. Apart from eye shader brush, this is also called an application brush or a laydown brush because it lays down the eyeshadow on the eyelid.  It’s also made of white goat hair with short dense bristles and the shape is tapered with a rounded edge. This is great at picking up product compared to the MAC 217 because of the flat sides and the brush can be used for powder and cream eyeshadows.

PRICE: MYR 125 each for both MAC 217 and MAC 239.

AVAILABILITY: MAC counters, Sephora Malaysia.

They're my brush duo! How about you?

I say that because both work in harmony when doing eye makeup. You use the MAC 239 first to get color on the eye and then use the MAC 217 to blend and smooth out the edges. I might get a backup just in case so I can play more with color. How about you? What’s your eye makeup brushes? I bet they’re plenty!