My first Chanel purchase

My first Chanel purchase

I wish it was a bag, but nonetheless, one can always dream. I did mention in my previous post, that whenever I wear a lipstick, I have my game face on! Well, it's an impulse purchase that even I am surprised.


It's limited edition

Yes, of all things to buy, I got drawn into the limited edition packaging. This is a 2017 holiday collection (not sure if it's still available) and its called: Collection Libre Numéros Rouges. I visited their store in Pavilion mall and at that time, my intention was to smell their new perfume, Gabrielle. I got distracted when I saw the lipsticks because it was just numbered as N°1, N°2, N°3, and N°4. Few folks that pop into my head were Paris B from and my sister who can rock reds effortlessly! 


For everyone's information, red is a color that I'm not comfortable with. I don't even have that color in my wardrobe. Although, my first luxury lipstick purchase was a shocker, a shade of red. It comes in 2 formulas: Rouge Allure, which has more shine, and the Rouge Allure Velvet, which is more matte. I'm not a typical fan of mattes, so N°2 and N°3 are out of the picture. The sales assistant let me test both N°1 and N°4 and I asked random strangers which looked best and I end up purchasing N°4. It's funny how I sort it out, that's why I said from the beginning, I am surprised.

I use a lip liner and Lisa Eldridge's trick on putting a red lip. It's comfortable upon application and it didn't settle into lip lines. I first tested it out during Christmas Eve and Mr. says it looks great. I got the same response from my friends and it wears out beautifully. The color is pigmented and all you need is one swipe. 


AVAILABILITY: Limited edition

Do you own a red lipstick that ticks your boxes?

It's up there in price, but it was a splurge that I'm happy with which also includes the experience of getting it. On days where I want less opacity, I put a thin layer, blot off and put some lip gloss. If it's still available in any Chanel boutique, you should get yourself one!

P.S. I accidentally deleted my photo wearing the lipstick, but you can check my highlight story on Instagram.