Oh Hello there!

Oh Hello there!

Now that the first post is out of the way, I want to do a proper introduction. I'm not a makeup artist; although, I wish I am! Makeup came a little late for me and that's fine, better late than never.


Let’s talk about the face.

My skin type is normal-combination. Although, there are certain days that it’s pretty much dehydrated because of not drinking enough water and my nose is the only part of my face that gets a little oily.

About the brows, I have plenty! I initially went to a professional brow service to have it groomed (thank goodness I wasn’t so crazy about it) then use that as a guideline during brow maintenance and only return if I’m lazy.

I don’t wear foundation every day because I currently live in a humid country and wearing sunscreen is always a top priority over this. I'll either have some sort of a BB/CC cream or use a cushion compact to even out my skin tone (I do use a separate sunscreen). As for any pigmentation or dark circles, I can rely on using a concealer.

Next, powders. Where do I begin? Well, I can skip foundations, BB cream or cushion compacts, but not powders. I own a lot and if its beautifully designed, I'm sold. On lazy days, I just use powder on top of sunscreen and that’s good enough for me.

I have brown eyes and I believe my eye shape is almond with a little hood. I have a love and hate relationship with eyeliners, but I still want to achieve that winged eyeliner look! When it comes to eyeshadows, I usually gravitate towards neutral colors and I have a weakness for mascaras. If I have to choose between the two, it’s gonna be mascaras!

When it comes down to bronzers, blushers, and highlighters; it’s not a priority. I can go out without these and I still feel pretty. If I have to use them, it's in this order: blushers then highlighters and lastly, bronzers.

As for the lips, it’s on a different level. When I wear a lipstick, I have my game face on! This is where I tend to splurge a little bit, because it changes the look on your face. This and a touch of mascara and I can be out of the door, pronto!

OK, enough about me. Tell me something about you?!

Little introductions are nice. It takes the nervousness out of our systems and think of it as our coffee chit-chat! 

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