Shiseido "perfect" foundation brush, yes I said perfect!

Shiseido "perfect" foundation brush, yes I said perfect!

I’ve always applied my base using my fingers because I find that the typical foundation brushes are too big for my small face. Every time a makeup artist will do my makeup, I find it tedious to imitate how they use the brush; plus trying to use a paddle foundation brush was a nightmare, I hated it!

I came across the Shiseido “perfect” foundation brush when I was watching youtube. I was trying to learn about different types of makeup brushes and you know how one video finishes and it will do an autoplay of any related video, that happened!


The word “perfect” got me intrigued because that is such a huge claim. When I visited a Shiseido counter, the sales assistant demonstrated how to use it and when I saw how it was evenly distributed, I was sold! Since the brush is densely packed, you’ll notice that when you dab the brush on your base product, it is deposited in a uniform manner so when applied to the skin, you don’t have to buff it because the brush has done it for you and the finish is flawless. I may not be explaining it very well so it’s best to experience it.

Also, the brush is soft on the skin and you don’t have to worry about all the nooks and crannies of your face because the brush head is cut at a certain angle. I know a lot of people will say that it’s small for a foundation brush but to me, the size is just right. I don’t have issues doing my face in sections because that’s what I’m already doing when I was just using my fingers. The only downside that I find is when it’s time to clean it. It takes more time to thoroughly clean this foundation brush compared to others.


This Shiseido foundation brush is very versatile. If you do a pat, press or even stippling motion, you will get a full coverage look. If you brush in a half circle, you get medium coverage. And lastly, if you brush in long sweeps, it will give you sheer coverage and this is what I usually do.

PRICE: MYR 100 (before GST)
AVAILABILITYShiseido counters or Sephora.


I love using this brush. It’s the perfect size and I don't have to worry when traveling. I’ve only tried using it with a liquid and powder base and so far so good. I just have to be patient when it comes to cleaning. How about you, do you already own one? What was your experience?