Switching to Sulfate-free with OGX

Switching to Sulfate-free with OGX

Did you ever notice that you get no results when using an anti-hair fall product? Or maybe you’re like me that had to look deeper in the ingredients list because you get a hunch that something doesn’t feel right. Boy, I was right!


What is Sodium Laureth Sulfate?

Asking my friend, Google; it is an inexpensive detergent that’s responsible for producing foam and thick lather in the shower. If you look at almost every shampoo (including most anti-hair fall) and other personal care products like soap, shower gel, toothpaste, etc. You’ll see this ingredient at the top of the list.

Then it occurred to me to start searching for the ingredients list because from what I understand, ingredients are listed in a descending order calculated by either mass or volume. So I began looking for alternatives because it has taken its toll on my hair.

OGX was a lucky accident!

I was trying to look for an affordable sulfate-free shampoo because let’s face it, having sulfates in your shampoo makes it cheap, therefore, expect a higher price tag for a sulfate-free one. My search started with going to different salons in my area to different malls to see how are the prices and the ones that I’ve seen were so high that it almost matches a hair treatment.

My brain immediately shouts:

My brain was right, I can’t. I had no choice, but to dismiss the idea not until I saw OGX. I went ahead and checked the back for the ingredients and it says in bold print right at the top 'Sulfate Free Surfactants'. OMG, My AHA moment!

I first tried the Kukui Oil range since it fits the description of what I was initially looking for: hydrate+defrizz, who wouldn’t want that. Plus, it came in a black bottle and it smells nice. From there, I've tried other variants. I usually buy the same shampoo and conditioner and just do the usual. Previously, I was able to buy them here in Malaysia supermarkets, but it's no longer available; so I end up getting it online. 

PRICE: PHP549 each for both the shampoo and conditioner
AVAILABILITY: Lazada, Amazon, Ulta, Watsons Philippines

Have you tried OGX or any sulfate-free products?

So after a few bottles, the solution to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo was a great decision. The conditioner was just an added bonus. OGX is an affordable option that I can sustain. I tried from other brands, but somehow I keep coming back to OGX. This isn’t an overnight miracle product, but using a sulfate-free shampoo gave me a result that I haven’t seen from the anti-hair fall product in a while.