The luxury product that started it all, Sisley Lip Balm

The luxury product that started it all, Sisley Lip Balm

This was the product that started it all when it comes to luxury. I know it's insane, but hear me out on this one. 


When it comes to my face, I pay close attention to my lips.

I say that because my lips are the most problematic and when I was growing up, I had a bad habit of biting it and manually peeling off dead skin to the point that it will bleed. Thank goodness I’m not doing that anymore, but I still experience chapped and sometimes flaky lips.

So here’s how the Sisley Confort Extrême Lèvres comes in.

First, 'Confort Extrême Lèvres' is a long name so I’ll shorten it as 'Sisley lip balm'. It’s a nutritive lip balm which addresses cracked, dry and chapped lips. It has an emollient texture and when applied, it rehydrates the lips which appear smoother and plumper, plus its fragrance-free. You may apply this throughout the day, but I find it more effective when I use it at night. It ticks all the boxes of what this product is trying to claim, IMHO. And yes, despite its ridiculous price, I purchased it and finished the pot in 1 year. 

What is everyone saying about Sisley Lip Balm?

It’s a cult luxury product to the point that it’s considered a holy grail of lip balms. I’m happy to say that my hard earned money is well spent and their bold statement 'emergency treatment for cracked, dry and chapped lips' works miracles! If you have tried lip balms that don’t work, you may try this one. If there’s something else that you’re loving, carry on!


AVAILABILITY: Purchased from Parkson, visit any Sisley counters in your area.

Have you tried Sisley Lip Balm or any of its products?

Despite its ridiculous price, it works for me. Unfortunately, the ones that I found from the drugstore did not work because it either leaves a film feeling or sits on top of the lips, which makes it worse. Will I repurchase this product? Yes, because it works for me. If there's any alternative that you've tried and got the same result, let me know.